Hi! I’m Abby Gronli, the face behind Kenwood Design.


My husband and son are very much a part of Kenwood, too, but in more of a supportive, “Sure, I can help assemble furniture on a Friday night” kind of way. They make me love home more than I thought possible.

My love for designing, renovating, and decorating spaces really took off when we moved into our 1960’s rambler in 2014. There hasn’t been a year that’s gone by where we haven’t tackled several home projects. Tearing down walls, painting cabinets, installing new light fixtures, tiling floors (and showers and backsplashes), shiplapping walls, redoing landscape work, styling each room, and the list goes on. The best part is I’ve loved every minute of it - from the projects that were a total flop and we have to start over, to the magical ones that go exactly as planned - it’s all led up to living in a house that truly feels like home.

I want to help you feel the same way about your home or space. No matter big or small, rural or urban, old or new, each space has the potential to truly feel like your own and create a sense of calm in an otherwise busy world.